Friday, 26 February 2016

Creative Writing Task 3 by Eldon Ng

Name: Eldon Ng (10)
Class: S1-03


                                                   Creative Writing Task 3
                  When I was a child, I well remember I pooped on the floor, my mom scolded me and forced me in bed.  I threw myself at her, begging.  I cried terribly clinging on to her legs, unwilling to let go.
                   Soon, I got into the room, reluctantly getting between the sheets, unable to fall asleep.  I lay there, daydreaming.  I cried silently and tears filled my eyes.  I thought to myself,"  Why is my mom to unfair to me?"  The room looked green in colour, I heard the sounds of passing cars.  My vision blurred as I slowly dozed off.
                    I fell asleep for quite a while.Something touched me.  It felt warm.Till this day, I still did not know what touched me.

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