Saturday, 27 February 2016

LA AA, Another Universe (Corrected) by Christopher


                                    Another Universe

    It was the year 2100; technology is advanced. Cars no longer had wheels. Instead, they levitated. On that day, Keegan was requested by Aero, the scientist, to come to his workshop. At first, Keegan was puzzled. It was the first time Aero allowed him to enter his workshop. A surge of excitement rushed through him; he knew he was in for a surprise.
    When Keegan reached the door of the workshop, it was opened. Though hesitant, he was eager to know. He gently pushed the door, and he saw something unusual.
    “Woah! What is this?” Keegan exclaimed, his eyes widened.
    “This is the machine I told you about that would bring me home! It’s going to create a portal to the parallel universe I live in.” Aero exclaimed, smiling. Keegan then suddenly remembered Aero said that the parallel universe gets created when someone makes a decision which causes it to create a parallel world where it was the same, but the decision or action that had been done differently created a different outcome.
    Aero walked towards the machine and punched in some numbers into the keypad. In a split second, a bolt of lightning sparked. “Boom!” A portal appeared in front of their eyes. Astounded, Keegan exclaimed,” Aero, can I come with you?” Aero, looking at the portal, said,”No.”
   Keegan was utterly disappointed. “No, I won’t let him stop me,” Keegan thought to himself. He sprinted towards the portal and jumped into it. Aero surprised, ran into the portal. He knew he had to stop Keegan.
    “Amazing,” Keegan told himself. He was in the same place, just a bit different. Suddenly, he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around and saw Aero, not looking too happy.
    “You’ve got to get back to your world right now!” Aero said. Keegan was traumatised, did he do something wrong? It was not too long before he knew. He soon heard screams and yells for help. He quickly ran outside to see what had happened. Keegan, speechless, stood frozen still.
    Something big and black in the sky was sucking objects and people into it. Keegan soon realised that he had made a grave mistake. Quickly, he turned around and asked Aero for help.Aero told him that he had to go back to his world. By doing this, it would stop the black hole which Keegan created when he came into this world from destroying everything.
    Aero quickly keyed in the numbers to activate the portal. Unfortunately, the machine was faulty, and he needed time to fix the machine. Keegan could only stand and watch innocent lives get taken away and families torn apart. If only he had not been so rash and listened to Aero, this would have not happened.
    Once Aero had fixed the machine, the portal immediately appeared. Keegan jumped into the portal.
    When Keegan got back, the machine was gone. He sat down on the couch, praying that what he had just experienced was not real, that it was all just his imagination. Worry was written all over his face, Keegan slowly closed his eyes and small tears rolled down his cheeks. His mouth soon tasted salty from all the crying; he felt empty and hollow inside. “ What have I done?” Keegan asked himself.

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