Sunday, 28 February 2016

Brandon Kang AA1 Corrections.

Name and Class: Brandon S103.

Pangea, a planet entirely covered in magnificent flora, blue leaves accompanied glorious flowers of different hues, named after the prehistoric supercontinent as it had no visible bodies of water.
Beyond these charming and awe-striking scenery laid a horrible truth. Amongst the dark, fertile soil hid the roots. In which, had intertwined with each other and fired off biochemical signals to communicate with each other and these roots combined with the planet’s crust, and the atmosphere which were all connected.
Therefore, Pangea gained sentience.
Pangea had dominance over its natural climate, thicken the forestation and had control over its gravitational pull. Its parent star was Alpha Centauri A, the closest star to our sun, which also had a solar system of its own. In the recent months, it had pulled itself out of orbit and was drifting slowly towards earth.  
The International Inter-Galactic Organization (IGO) sent a crew of fifteen astronauts, lead by Danny Tomshire and Alice Bedfordshire on space-cruiser OutWard, to explore Pangea.  
They were to begin research on the other parts of Pangea.     
They cleared a path for a research trek. During the trek, strange things happened. Plants hit the crew, and they tripped over plants that were not supposed to be there. Danny questioned himself, “Could this planet be alive? How did these plants move?”
The following morning, the crew saw that dark clouds were enveloping the sky, and made a dash back for OutWard. Alice, who was always on task, was still taking notes, oblivious to her surroundings. Then, came the sound of thunder. Later followed by lightning. The sky turned purple, and the rain came pouring down. Seen in the sky were streaks of lightning; that were so bright they blinded the crew eyes
Then, tornados came crashing through the forests, tearing away everything in their path. There were also earthquakes, with rumbles that sent shocks not only through the crust but also through the crew’s hearts. They tried to remain composed.
Lastly, came the falling debris. Flying trunks or branches were sent flying all over the place, thanks to the devastating cyclone. The crew leapt forward, with huge steps. A massive tree trunk hit Danny on his back. He felt his bones cracking. He flailed his limbs around helplessly while screaming for help. The crew ran back to Danny and tried to lift up the trunk as hard as they could. They finally manage to set Danny free. Alice, although feeble herself supported Danny, who was limping. They then made a dash, running as fast as their legs could carry them. Tremors filled the ground. Multiple tornados formed. OutWard was destroyed in this “end of the world” scenario. The crew rushed towards their travel pods and fled. They fled back to Earth.
While, safe and sound, back on Earth, the crew rejoiced about their survival. Had they stayed any longer, they would have perished. Their explorations were inconclusive. Pangea, seeing the earthlings have fled, went back to orbit. The crew shared their terrifying and, somewhat incredible experience on Pangea, The LIVING Planet.

Danny and his team WANTED to explore Pangea, BUT Pangea was alive and was furious SO it begin summoning natural disasters THEN Danny and his crew fled back to Earth.

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