Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Creative Writing Task 3 By Tan Jing Yu

Creative Writing Task 3

          When I was a child, I well remember the time I caused an explosion of ceramic shards of a vase, when I though playing basketball in a small living room, surrounded by fragile things, was a good idea. I was sent to bed right in the middle of a beautiful afternoon, due to my playfulness.

          I put down my basketball, and dragged myself into my room, grudgingly pulled out the mattress as I turned on the fan, I walked like I had hundred kilogram weights strapped to both my ankles, slow and clumsily, I laid on the mattress on the cold hard floor, the sound of birds chirping outside and the buzzing of the old fan flooded the room, all the more, making me regret my actions, Slowly, my eyes grew heavier, before they fell shut, sending me into a deep, yet troubled sleep.

          I awoke to the sound of the door opening, my eyes sprang open and saw a dark room, surrounded with darkness, the chirping of birds were no longer there, at that moment, i saw a faint image of a woman, standing there beside me, she gently patted my head, before I fell back into my mattress.

          This time, I had awoken to the sounds of birds chirping, they were back, the dark room became a brightly, well-lit space, the mysterious figure was gone, who it was, I still do not know, until this day.

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