Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Name: Ian Izree

Class: S1-03

Date:26 Feb2016  

Title: The-Kill

       Nanobots were inserted into people's bodies to prevent humans from getting viruses. They were as small as a cell and lived in them for a long time helping humans.

       “Unknown cause of death” Tim read the article to himself. A person was found dead.When doctors conducted an autopsy, they found out weird things had happened to his body, but no physical damage was there. "Weird,” Tim thought. Three days later, another case surfaced up. It was getting weirder and weirder. Tim left for the hospital to get his nanobots serviced. Now, his body was empty of nanobots for a week. That would save his life when the killer strikes.

       The next day, Tim was in school listening to history, when the teacher started coughing out blood. Her face turned pale, and she collapsed. Soon more students started coughing out blood and fainted. Blood splattered all over the room turning the floor red. Tim felt an incoming horde of nausea; his head spun in circles. “What was happening?” Tim muttered under his breath.Tim ran past all the bodies and out of the classroom and threw up. He spun his head and saw more students lying on the floor. He rushed out of the school compound to see more people dead on the floor. Blood spilled everywhere around them. Emotions of confusion, sadness and fear rose up in his body. “What is happening?” Tim shouted out in frustration. His body drained out of energy, Tim slowly sank in a corner of a street far from one body.

       Tim woke up to the sound of a honking car. He opened his eyes and saw two men emerging out from the car. They grabbed him and shoved him into the car. “Where are you taking me?” Tim demanded from the two men. “To a survival camp,” one of the men said in a dark tone. From the backseat, Tim could make out two muscular figures. They seemed to be armed with weapons. Soon they arrived at a compound where Tim got off. When he got in, he saw many army officials patrolling the area with guns in their hands.  People went around doing their work. When they saw Tim, they started clapping before going back to their work.  One of the men who brought him there said, “We’ve been trying to group survivors from the kill to destroy the mastermind behind all this. Congrats on surviving "The-Kill.”

       Tim walked around the compound. He saw many rooms and facilities. There were many medical rooms. There were counselling rooms, where doctors were counselling their patients who had survived "The-Kill" and were frightened. At nine o’clock, there was a gathering with everyone there. Tim squeezed through the crowd and saw a leader on a little stage. He shouted out, “We do not know the motives of this individual. He hacked into our nanobots and killed most of our people. We take it as a terrorist attack. I tell you, we will find and destroy him!” Everyone shouted a loud “Ha!” Tim looked around at the crowd, what was left of his town. He shouted a loud “Ha!”

Days later, they tracked down the killer in a hideout and killed him brutally. Technology is a useful thing, but if misused, terrors would unfold.

word count: 547

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