Wednesday, 23 March 2016

level test 1 corrections josh teo

I grunted as I lugged my heavy bags behind me.
My family and I had just finished shopping, and I was the one responsible for carrying the bags home. We walked through the busy street of Orchard Road, trying to find a taxi.

   Finally, we were at the Taxi stand. Everyone was packed like sardines, rushing home to get back and celebrate the marvellous holiday. One by one, people got into cabs and sped off. Finally, our turn arrived. A small London cab moved towards us. My father opened the doors and got into the cab.

   The cab was extremely spacious than it looked from the outside. I sighed a sigh of relief as I put the shopping bags beside me. Suddenly, we heard an extremely warm and cheerful voice. It was the cab driver. He looked old, in his fifties, but smile looked like it could brighten the earth. After my father had given directions, the cab sped off. I took off my EZ-link card, which was in my wallet, strapped to a lanyard strap. As soon as I knew, I nodded off into a deep sleep. The next moment, my father woke me up. I blinked warily as my family got out of the cab with their respective bags. The cab driver smiled and rejected as my father passed him the money. He smiled and said, ”Merry Christmas!”.

   Once we were safe back home, I reached for my EZ-link card on my neck when I realised; it was nowhere to be found! I looked in every one of the six plastic bags, but my attempt was futile. I suddenly recalled taking off my EZ-link card in the taxi. Immediately, I told my mother and she was about to call the police when we heard the phone rang. The voice on the other side warmly stated that he found an EZ-link card and there was a slip at the back with a telephone number. Not sure whether to believe him, I walked downstairs, where he told me he would pass it to me.

   I could not believe my eyes. It was the cab driver! Smiling sheepishly, I thanked him profusely. Ever since that day, I hoped that I would meet him to thank him again. It was a Christmas miracle. I thanked my lucky stars as I ran back home, showing the card to my mother. My mother then sent an email to the taxi company, thanking them.

   Thus, this incident was the one that I felt most thankful for someone’s help.

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