Thursday, 7 April 2016

Isaac Chng Visual Text

The image is a crumpled up ball of paper that is made to look like the Earth. I think this represents the Earth becoming rubbish through our actions, as the poster's content suggests. 

Linguistic Features
The main line of the visual text is "OUR PLANET IS WHAT WE MAKE OF IT." I think that this means that Earth is shaped through our actions. If we ruin it, it will become likened to garbage as the picture suggests.
Textual Features
There is main emphasis on the headline and the image. They are the most prominent items on the visual text. This will direct the reader to comprehend the headline, getting its message clear.

Typographical Features
If readers would like to know more about the initiative, they can go to the website which address is in bold.

The two far sides of the visual text are grey, which divert attention the bright green section in the middle. The headline is displayed in capitals, bold and in a large font size to catch the reader's attention.

The grey colored sections divert attention to the bright green colored section, which gives the reader an impression of a clean enviroment, nature, cleanliness.
Purpose: To get readers to care for the environment
Audience: Readers who do not care for the environment
Context: Saving the environment
Culture: Modern era where there is less care for environment

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