Saturday, 9 April 2016

Visual Text Analysis by Saffron Lim

The poster shows two mechanics in a workshop trying to "fix"a tiger and the words "extinction can't be fixed"

Linguistic features:
This advertisement is trying to tell the viewer that unlike a machine, once extinction takes place it be fixed or reversed.

Textual features:
There is little focus on the text, this is to draw more attention to the image and its message.

Typographical features:
The font size is small, so that less attention would be drawn to the text.

The tiger is in the middle of the image, with the mechanics next to it. One of the mechanics is shining a light at the tiger, trying to examine it and think of ways to "fix" it. The lights shining at the tiger show us that it is the main focus of the poster. There are several pieces of machine parts in the dark, showing that they are of no use to "fix" the tiger and its extinction.

The colours in this poster are very dull. This shows that the extinction of the tiger would be a sad event and that people would feel regret for not trying to save the tiger sooner.

Purpose: The purpose of this advertisement is to encourage people to do something about the tigers' soon-to-be extinction and to tell us that extinction cannot be
Audience: It is aimed at everyone
Context: Extinction cannot be fixed unlike machines
Culture: It is applicable to the public

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