Saturday, 9 April 2016

Visual text Tan Ray Shyuan

Image: In this poster, there is a melting ice cream which is coloured to look like our home, planet Earth. The ice cream ( Earth) seems to be melting which shows how the Earth is slowly dying and melting, losing habitats for animals and us.

Linguistic features
This is trying to show how global warming is affecting the Earth rapidly and we need to act fast to stop it. This poster has little words as the picture is saying a thousand words and people do not need any words to act fast and solve this enormous issue.

Textual Features
The fonts of the words in this poster is relatively small as most of the emphasis is on the picture of the melting Earth.

Typographical Feature
The fonts of the words are small and not bolded as they want people to focus on the picture and attract their attention.

The huge picture of the melting Earth is directly in the middle, showing how important that is to demonstrate the message of the poster. The poster is trying to get the attention of the Earth and indicate that The Earth is like an ice cream, if it gets too hot, the Earth will melt.


The background colour of the poster is dark and black. This shows that the poster is showing a critical message to us, especially those who are guilty of wasting electricity so and so for. The dark colour also shows how this is not a laughing matter and it is to be taken seriously.
Purpose: To show how the Earth is like an ice cream and global warming will melt the earth eventually.
Audience: To every human, especially those who are guilty of contributing a lot to global warming.
Context: It is very formal, trying to show the cruciality of the problem.
Culture : To everyone 

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