Saturday, 9 April 2016

Visual Text by Oh Jun Rong (21)

The poster shows an hourglass, which instead of having sand in it, it has animals telling the time. The upper part of the hourglass is filled with animals that are still existing, while the bottom half is filled with the bones of those extinct.

Linguistic Features:
I think that they are trying to say that as time goes by more and more animals will become extinct due to the fact that we are causing harm to the environment through pollution. Destroying their natural habitats.

Text Features:
I think that the people who created this poster is trying to emphasise on the sheer amount of species that become extinct every year due to pollution.

Typographic Features:
The phrase "Between 25000 and 50000" are bigger than the other words. I think they want to emphasise on the huge amount of species that become extinct every year.

The hourglass is occupies most of the space in the poster, this will grasp people's attention easily and the words are placed under the hourglass, so that when people look at the bones of the animals in the hourglass they will then notice the words and after they read it they will understand the message behind the poster.

The colour of the poster is mostly red and white. The red colour will easily draw people's attention and the white stands out from the red, so people will be able to see the image and the text easily.


The purpose of this poster was to inform the public of the fact that every year a lot of species of animals can go extinct due to human consumption of the Earth's resources.

I think that the audience for this poster is mainly the people who run their own businesses and sell their goods which are made up of materials gained from the destruction of certain animals' natural habitats or in the process of making them, their factories will pollute the environment causing harm to the animals as well as the Earth.

I think that the context of this poster is to remind people of the various species of animals that can go extinct every year.

I think that the culture of this poster suites the people who sell goods which causes harm to the animals and the Earth.

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