Friday, 8 April 2016

Aastha Visual Text

The picture in the poster shows an adult penguin trying to pull out a plug of an electrical appliance (light) from a plug socket.  The two penguins are standing on a block of ice that is tiny. This shows that it is melting rapidly. The background is a pale blue colour, which makes the penguins, the block of ice the plug and socket, and the electrical appliance stand out to show the message of the story.

Linguistic features
The language used is informal. The tone has some level of urgency, showing that it is crucial to do it. In the poster, the headlines read, "Turn it Off Now!" These words illustrate to the audience that they should start turning off all electrical appliances starting from now. 

Textual Features
The word "Off" in the headlines has been given emphasis. It shows the audience what to do about the electrical appliances which are turned on. 

Typographical Features
At the bottom of the poster, the words "Help Stop Global Warming" are written in bold. It shows how serious the matter is. This caption also encourages the audience to follow what it says. 

The picture captures the most attention of the public because it takes up the most space on the poster. The words are at the top and catch lesser attention. Even so, the picture tells most of the message, on its own. It also makes the reader look at it before the caption, so that they can get an idea of what the poster is trying to show.    

The background colour is pale blue. This makes the picture stand out from the poster. There is also light shining from the lamp, showing that it is on and that it is affecting the penguins and other animals who live in the same habitat. Overall, the components make the poster effective in bringing the message across.

Purpose: To spread the message of helping to stop global warming on the earth by turning off all the electrical appliances when not in use.
Audience: The general public, especially those who do not care to turn off the electrical appliances which are running. 
Context: It causes the reader to think of the consequences of not turning off running electrical appliances. 
Culture: The image is very clear, showing what the effects of global warming are, and also makes it more relatable.

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