Monday, 11 April 2016

Geo Yi's visual text analysis

Image: This poster shows Earth in an ice-cream cone, melting like ice-cream would

Linguistic features: The poster has two very big words which are "Melting Away" which means that due to global warming, Earth is getting so hot that it is melting. It also says "Join Friends of the Earth and help save the planet before its too late!" That points out that though Earth is getting warmer, it is not too late to save it.

Textual Features: The two big words exaggerates that Earth is melting and it is very short but conveys a strong meaning

Typographical features: The big words attract attention as they are huge.

Layout: The image is above the caption so that if a person does not understand the meaning of the words in the poster, he/she can refer to the image.

Colour: The background of the poster is plain so that it does not distract the reader from the message and image.


Purpose: It is to tell people that they should try and save Earth

Audience: The audience is everybody

Context: Earth is getting hotter but we still have a chance to save it

Culture: A lot of people are making Earth in a bad condition

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