Monday, 18 April 2016

Creative Writing Task 1 & 2. brandon 17.

Creative Writing 1
My earliest memories.
   One of my earliest memories was of my mother taking care of me as a baby. She had very long and vibrant hair, smelled of flowers and always had a gentle smile on her face. I would chuckle happily as she cradled me in her arms, gently swinging me back and forth, humming a lullaby softly in my ears. I felt very blissful as I drifted off into sleep.
   I was the only child in my family, so the only people I played with were my cousins. I stayed at my grandmother’s house and I looked forward to the weekends when my cousins came over.  We played with toys and we also ran around the house. The aroma from the dishes were very fragrant. Our loud and cheerful laughs could be heard from a mile away. We were very playful and always ended up drenched in sweat.
   I stayed up in my grandmother’s house since I was young and I had many vibrant memories of the house. First, was the kitchen, why always, always had a fragrant aroma as you stepped in, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. Then, there was the bedroom with fluffy pillows and mattresses so soft, I’d fall asleep once I’d laid my body on them.
   My childhood was full of memories to be proud of, and these are my earliest memories.

Creative Writing 2
A Normal Jog
   Tommy was your typical sporty person. He was going to go for a morning jog at the park but was caught up with work. Tommy readied himself with a few deep breaths. The park laid before him. Dark clouds enveloped the sky as the sun set before the horizon. Only a few steps into the jog, Tommy caught a glimpse of light before it was light. It was getting colder by the moment. Tommy shivered as a chill ran down his spine. “It is alright, Tommy, stop scaring yourself, this is all child’s play!” Tommy told himself. Tommy looked around and saw shadows of the trees that resembled a hand, reaching out for him.
  The fear grew inside him. It built up inside of him, as his pace slowed down. He could hear nothing, there was an eerie silence, the only sounds he heard were from crickets. “Argh! “ he exclaimed. He touched the dead branch. He slowly creeped forward, continuing on. He couldn’t bear the anxiety and fear, sweat trickled down his face. His teeth were gritted and his palm was sweaty. Then. He saw a shadow.
  He kept calm, he didn’t want to alarm whatever was behind him. He passed over a pile of dead leaves, making sure not to crunch them. As he continued forward, he heard the crunch of the leaves. A cold breeze blew, intensifying the situation. The shadow seemed to be getting closer. He started to shiver fiercefully, his whole body felt like jelly. He dared not look back. Then, he took off. Tommy ran as fast as his legs could carry him, all the way back home.
   Oh how he wished he would have jogged another day.

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