Saturday, 9 April 2016

Ryan Li's Visual text

Image: The image shows the McDonald sign on the left-hand side, followed by a potato next to it on the right side, then Mcdonalds Fries and on the most right-hand side is one Fry left in the box. Above the images of the potato, Fries, and one Fry, there are captions that read "Before, After, right after."Linguistic features: In this poster, the captions above the foods, show what happens when Mcdonalds makes Fries and what happens immediately after. It is also indirectly saying that their Fries are so great that once you see them, you will immediately eat all of them.Text features: The texts are white in a red background, making them stand out.Typographical features: The text tells people that they want to eat the Fries until it is gone.Layout:The text is placed above the foods, so it attracts the reader's attention to the foods and the text.Colour: The background is red, attracting attention to it and the words are white, making them stand out.PACC:Purpose: To lure the customer into eating more and more of Mcdonalds Fries.Audience: To all Fast Food lovers.Context: JokingCulture: In the present where people love delicious fast food.

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