Saturday, 9 April 2016

Visual Text Analysis by Max (8) S1-03

Image: This image shows a picture of a woman as the backround of a search engine and the search box that covers her mouth searches " Women cannot" and the popular searches are listed down underneath.

Linguistic features: The ad wants to tell the viewer that women are being held down by negative stereotypes and people who only think about women and what they do within those stereotypes. It also tells theb viewer that women's opinions are not fully voiced out, and that they cannot accept the way these stereotypes tell them to be.

Text features: The main text focus is on the search box and the popular searches on it, as this tells the viewer that many people believe women should adhere or be within these stereotypes.

Typographical features: The text on the search box is the font used on most search engines, so that the public can relate to it. Also, the text below is kept small so that the viewer reads the text above first.

Colour: Most of the colour is on the image of the women (If not the search box and text) as the backround is black to make the viewer think that the woman in the image represents all women and the searches represents a lot of people's views on women.

PACC: Purpose: To tell people about the negative stereotypes against women.

            Audience: Anyone who uses the internet.

            Context: To tell people to stop negative sterotypes against women.

            Culture: For everybody.

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