Saturday, 9 April 2016

Image: this poster has a Audi A4 car in it, underneath, it informs you of the Audi contest where you could win a Audi by joining it. On top, it also says A VIRTUAL RACE FOR VERY REAL BRAGGING RIGHTS.
Linguistic features: the goal is to promote the car through the contest. Through the contest, they would attract people to look at the car and eventually, even if you do not win a car, you would still have the urge to buy the car.
Typographical Features: the quote 'A VIRTUAL RACE FOR VERY REAL BRAGGING RIGHTS' is trying to tell you that if you drive this car, you would feel like you are in a race in the future, where technology is very advanced. That gives you the rights to brag about it, that you own a very powerful, futuristic and most importantly, a Audi car.
Layout: the big things like the quote would first capture your eye as it is put on the right side of the poster. The words 'RIGHTS' is covered by the car. That then brings your attention to the car, which is then you notice that this car is an Audi. the car is also put in a angle which shows off the sides of it, making it look very grand. Finally, while the reader is more interested in the poster, he/she would look down to the bottom left of the poster to find out more about it. They would then notice the poster's intentions about the contest and would be keen to join it to try to win a 'grand car'.
Color:the poster is put with a dark background to not let any other colours disrupt the nice looks of the car. Another reason is also to show that there is nothing that can stand in its way and it would be far ahead of others. The last reason is to let the reader notice the car, but not the background of the poster.
Purpose:the sole purpose of this is to advertise their car and attract more buyers to earn more money.
Audience: the audience is mainly to adults who like cars and have a drivers licence or who or intending to get a licence or buy for someone else or planning to get this car as their future car.
Context: get this car! it is the best car ever! there are many features and the performance is spectacular! come get it! Now, you even get a chance of getting one for free!
Culture: for drivers.

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