Friday, 8 April 2016

Valerie Tan's visual text

The image shows a Facebook like sign holding a knife.

Linguistic features
I think they are trying to say that even online, you can make use of social media to hurt someone like hurting someone in real life with a knife. This shows that your etiquette online can be hurtful to others if you misuse your power online.

Text features 
There is a lot of emphasis on the word feelings on the middle of the poster. I think that the person who created the poster is trying to show how important the word feelings is as you can hurt other people's feelings very easily online.

Typographical features 
The word 'feelings' is  bolded and capitalized to put emphasis on it because it wants to capture people's attention to it.

The like sign holding a knife is placed slightly above the middle portion of the poster as it will attract the most attention when it is in the middle. The important message is put directly under the photo because the audience can read the message after looking at the image.

The poster is mainly a dark shade of blue as the main colour for Facebook is dark blue and Facebook users will be able to relate to the poster


I think the main purpose of this poster is to remind people who use many social platforms to be mindful of what they do and say online as what they say can be hurtful to others feelings.
I think the audience is mainly people who use social media or social platforms, not only people who  use Facebook but other social media such as Instagram and Twitter.
I think the context is that people nowadays use a lot of social media and many people use these sites to bully others.
I think the context is for people who are more modern and use social media.

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