Saturday, 9 April 2016

Kinjal Agarwal's visual text

The image shows a cigarette with many human skulls being burnt at the tip.

Linguistic features
I think they are trying to say that just one cigarette can kill many people's lives. This shows that smoking is very harmful and it can cause our death very easily.

Text features 
There is not much emphasis on the words at the bottom of the poster. I think that the person who created the poster is trying to show smokers how dangerous smoking is and it can make us die prematurely. Also, they want to inform us that almost 5 million smokers die each year, only because of their addiction. This means tey are ready to give up their life for their happiness.

Typographical features 
The words at the bottom of the page are not very attractive and eye-catching because of its boring colour and small font size.

The human skulls at the tip of the cigarette is very eye-catching which bring the readers attention towards it because more than half of the page is covered with it. 

The poster has a few colours. The skulls and smoke is grey. The bottom of the cigarette is yellow and white. The background of the advertisement is also white.

The main purpose of this poster is to stop smokers from smoking. They also do not want more people to start the bad habit of smoking.
The audience for this poster is mainly smokers.
The context of this poster is that people are still smoking, knowing drastic consequences of their actions
The poster is made quite as long time ago as the colours are very dull and the font of the words are not very attractive.

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