Saturday, 9 April 2016

Visual Text Analysis by Josh Teo

This poster shows the shape of a gun built by skeletons. At the side, it also writes" every 43 seconds someone dies from gun violence".

Linguistic features:
The words at the bottom are trying to convince people to stop using guns on each other.

Typographical features:
The image shows a gun made out of bones, this signifies the deaths that will happen due to guns. The background is black to signify morning, due to the lives lost because of gun violence.

The background is black, showing the mourning of the dead. The gun is slightly white and stands out from the black background, which attracts a lot of attention.

The gun is at the centre of the black paper, showing a lot of contrast. This will attract a lot of attention as emphasis is on the gun.

To increase the awareness of gun violence.

Mostly adults, as adults or teens in America are allowed to have guns.

To stop gun violence.

For all humans who are allowed to use guns.

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