Sunday, 10 April 2016

Ethan's Visual Text Analysis

The image is a person smoking and the smoke forms a gun pointing at him. There is a small message that says : Kill a Cigarette and Save a Life. Yours.

Linguistic Features
The message is very small to make sure that the main thing readers see is the image.

Textual Features
It is simple and does not contain much except for the smoke trail forming a gun.

Typographical Features
The main words used to convey their message is small and it is not wordy like old adverts

The colour contrast from the black coloured sides attract attention to the image, where the mail point is conveyed. The important message is reduced to a small font white and not very prominent, which makes readers see the image first in the advert.

It is all black and white to show that the message is a grim and serious one.
Purpose: To warn smokers that smoking just kills us faster and our future is shaped by how much we smoke.
Audience: All readers who smoke
Context: There are too many people smoking and we should stop this bad habit and treasure our lives more instead of wasting it on cigarettes.
Culture: A lot of people are smoking nowadays, which is very detrimental to their health.

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