Friday, 8 April 2016

visual text Ian Izree S1-03

Image: it shows a toothbrush with toothpaste, but it also shows a forest on fire and smoke rising and  animals moving out of the forest.

Linguistic features :they are trying to say that whatever we buy, may have contributed to the haze  And cause animals to lose their homes and wants us to buy eco-friendly products instead.

Text features :  at the bottom, there is phrase that says “we breathe what we buy” so that means that if we don't change the products we buy, we will breathe in the haze and suffer.

Typographical Features: There is a phrase bold saying “WE BREATHE WHAT WE BUY” meaning that whatever un -Eco friendly product we buy, will cause harm to the environment and in turn affect us.

Layout : the toothbrush is the most eye catching thing the the poster, when people see it, it will capture their attention.

Color: is slightly dark, probably to symbolize the burning of the forest

Porpose: it is to show that buying of some products may cause buring of forest to make products.

Audience : it is mainly all of us who like to buy and that we should watch out when buying

Context: i think it is to remind people to save the environment and buy Eco friendly products.

Culture: it is for all of us

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