Friday, 8 April 2016

Visual Text Analysis by Eldon Ng S1-03

Image:         This image is Under Armour advertising for their new shoes.  The colour of the socks and pants are the same as the colour of the shoes.  Which makes the shoe look very outstanding.  The dark coloured background also made the blue shoe stand out.                                                       Linguistic features:    In this poster, the headlines read out "I CAN DO ALL THINGS."  This headlines relate to the shoe because they are trying to show that you can do everything with that shoe.  It also means if you do not buy one of these shoes, you will not be able to do everything.
Textual Features:   The text encourage people to buy this shoe so that they can achieve greater heights and goals.  It is also trying to indirectly tell people that they will not improve if they do not buy those shoes.
Purpose: The purpose of this whole poster is to lure buyers to buy the shoes.  By luring the buyers, they got Stephen Curry, the person in the poster, to help them to advertise.  Stephen curry is a well known basketball player around the world.
Audience:  The general public, especially basketball players.
Context:  It causes the buyers to more attracted to this shoe as a famous basketball player is advertising it.  Fans of that basketball player may also just buy the shoe just because their favourite player advertised it.  I think that a lot of people will buy the shoes because the brand of the shoes are trustable and very famous.
Culture:  This image is seen everywhere which makes it a common sight.

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