Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Geo Yi's English AA

Name: You Geo Yi
Class:  S1-03
Title: The Trip

         For centuries, humans have wondered about alien life forms when we are the first aliens. In the year 3000 on Planet J1407b, Thomas and Grace were born on the planet and their human parents left them there as part of a secret government experiment to find out if humans can mutate so they can survive in outer space.
         250 years later, the humans on Planet J1407b were never found but they had built a civilisation on the barren land of Planet J1407b. After mutating, they were intellectually superior and can survive in the harsh conditions of outer space. So to survive, they built a civilisation like Earth's to ensure that there would be peace among the civilisation.
        Once they found out about Earth, they built a rocket and sent two representatives, Tom and May to earth."Are you ready to leave our planet?" Asked Tom."I am ready to leave this planet to find Earth." May replied. So, they took off and left the barren planet.
        After about an hour of travelling, they found a rare occurrence, a wormhole! They asked their rocket if the wormhole would bring them closer to Earth and the rocket immediately replied"This will bring you closer to your destination, Earth." They went into the sphere of distorted stars and went on with their journey.
        Not long after, they were met with a pitch black sphere and Tom said"This is a black hole! We have to avoid this or we will be sucked into it!" So they tried to avoid the black hole,but were still sucked towards it. So they  started panicking until Tom told May"Release my part of the spaceship so that you can escape or else nobody will be able to reach Earth.""But you will die in there." replied May. Since May did not think the way Tom did, Tom released his side of the rocket and May escaped from the black hole. After seeing what Tom had done, May was shocked and at the same time felt the loss of a member.She cried profusely and she only managed to stop crying after she told herself that she had to focus on the mission.
       When May reached Earth, she told the humans on Earth about the civilisation's existence and interacted with the humans on Earth. After staying for one month in Earth, she went to collect samples of the land and the air on Earth and went back to Planet J1407b.
       The rest of the trip went on smoothly and with May's findings on Earth, May became famous. Through her findings, she found that Earth's land and air were more suitable for living. So she became the one to bring the entire civilisation to Earth where the living conditions were more suitable she gained more success for moving the entire civilisation to Earth.
      Though May was famous for moving the entire civilisation to earth, she will always credit her success to Tom's sacrifice.

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