Friday, 8 April 2016

Gavin Tay's Visual Text

In the poster, there is a picture of a tree; it's leaves are made out of words.
Linguistic Features
In the poster, the headlines read,"Save our environment for a better tomorrow."This means that if we do not save the environment, our lives will get worse.
Textual Features
The picture also tells the reader that there are various ways to save the earth based on the words on the trees.There are also words related to the theme "Save the Earth".
Typographical Features
At the bottom of the poster, there are pictures of HSBC, Victoria's university, etc.That is probably where the poster originates from.

The image is placed in the middle of the poster, the headline in the big font at the top and the body copy in smaller font below the picture. Hence, it will attract the reader to look at the picture before looking at the words.

The colours used are green and yellow.Green is the natural nature colour so it will be used.Yellow symbolises a brighter future for us if we keep the environment clean.
Purpose: To tell the readers to play a part in keeping the earth clean so as to not dirty the environment.
Audience: The general public, especially those that do not regard environmental pollution as a concern.Context: It causes the reader to think about how their actions affect the environment.
Culture: The image is commonly seen and makes it more relatable to all viewers.

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