Sunday, 10 April 2016

Brandon's Visual Text Analysis

Image: This image is of two leopards, supposedly a mother and her cub. they have cardboard tags on their backs, the one on the mother leopard saying "XL" and the one on the cub, saying "S". These are subliminal messages hinting that these leopards are being hunted for their skin, to make fur coats, thus the "XL" and "S" tags.

Linguistic Features: There is a caption on the top right hand corner of the image, stating: "Fashion claims more victims than you think." It is trying to tell us that wild animals, such as leopards, are being hunted for fashionable clothes or accessories, like fur coats and such, and that this is resulting a high amount of poachers hunting these animals illegally and this must be stopped. The fashion industry has a high demand for luxurious looking clothing, therefore bringing in a higher demand for animal hides, such as leopard skin.

Textual Features: The caption, although subtle, tells us "Fashion claims more victims than you think." It targets the user and makes us feel that our understanding of "Fashion" is not as clear as we think it is. It subjects the reader to thinking that "Fashion" kills, or hunts, which is true and evident. It highlights the reader that many animals have been hunted for the production of fancy clothes. Along with the image, the message brought is clear and striking.

Typographical Features: The caption is white and bold, it stands out from the rest as white brings out a contrast in colour and the boldness of the caption highlights it. It makes the reader also focus on it, further helping it to bring across the message as it captures the attention of the viewer.

Layout: The image is large and is the main focus, and the caption is placed off to the top right hand corner. Although the caption is placed far off into the corner, it has its own features to highlight itself.

Colour: The background of the image is blurry and indistinct, while the leopards are in clear focus, bringing the focus to them. The background is also dull in terms of colour, being only mostly green. The caption is white, thus also separating it from the rest of the image.


Purpose: To make people aware that leopards, and other animals, are hunted illegally by poachers for simple things like clothing.

Audience: Mainly people who are in the fashion industry, or people who like fancy, fashionably clothing made with animal hides.

Context: That there are many animals being hunted just for their skin and that it is cruel and inhumane.

Culture: It is suited to those who know the complications to those who buy clothing made with animal hides and choose to continue to do so and also to those who wish to buy some but has yet to do so.

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