Sunday, 10 April 2016

sarah's visual text analysis

Image: this poster shows a car key shaped like a gun. this is to say that driving can be very fatal and dangerous if the safety is not seen to and rules are not followed, just like how a gun could be used to stop bad people, but when the rules are not followed, it can become a lethal weapon.

Linguistic Features: it says "Takes one life every 25 seconds". this tells us that driving takes many lives as a result of many reckless drivers. the number could be so high because some of these lives may even be from innocent people who were following the safety rules, but were hit by these very reckless drivers.

Textual Features: the text is phrased in such a way that makes it seem like the very many lives taken are exaggerated though it might not be. Either way, it makes the consequences of driving seem like a number to be taken seriously. 

Typographical Features: the text is plain and simple so as to not distract you from the message. It stands out from the background in clear contrast as well.

Layout: the image is right on top of the caption, so that the reader see both equally well. the image is bigger, because it gives a clear message about the danger of reckless driving, such that a person who does not read the words can still understand the meaning of this poster.

colour: it is black with a white light, to make this poster look more serious, and to let the image and word contrast well with the background.


Purpose: To make people aware that driving, though useful is very dangerous.

Audience: mostly Reckless driver but also many other drivers

Context: many drivers are prey to reckless driving and they have died.

Culture: drivers should be vigilant and follow the rules.

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