Saturday, 9 April 2016

Tan Jing Yu Visual Text

This picture shows the arms of children and firearms with the text of the poster in between.

Linguistic Features
I can conclude that this image is to show that children are born with human arms, and that they should not be exposed to firearms or guns. 

Text Features
The text included in the middle of the poster is in bold. I think the creator of the poster is trying to create more emphasis on the text in the poster than the images of the arms and firearms.

Typographical Features
There is a line in between the arms of children and the guns. This is to create a differentiation between the two.

The text which is the main point of the poster, is placed directly in the middle of the poster. To create the most emphasis on the text and to entice people to read the text after they see the images.

The background of the poster is a solid and bright yellow colour. And the text along with the images are a flat black colour. Making the text and images standout greatly from the background.


Purpose: The purpose of this poster is to show parents that young children should not be exposed to the sheer violence and cruelty of firearms.

Audience: This poster is directed mainly at parents of young children whom also own firearms.

Context: The context is to tell parents to not expose their young children to firearms.

Culture: This poster is directed at parents.

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