Saturday, 9 April 2016

Lucas' Visual Text

The image in the poster is that of a large Kalashnikov gun nestled against France’s most iconic symbol, the Eiffel Tower of France. This relates to the 13th November 2015 Paris bombing attack. The attack was the deadliest on France since World War IIThis poster reminds us that terrorism can strike anywhere and anytime. As tendencies towards greater religious extremism grow in the region, Singapore must do more to safeguard its racial and religious harmony, Singaporeans must understand the “true nature” of terrorist ideology, and use simple messages – including on social media – to counter the Islamic State’s ideology.

Linguistic Features In the poster, the headline reads, "Made in France." It has a relevance in the image, because the gun symbolize violence and Eiffel Tower being the icon of France. Terrorists have resorted to acts of violence and aggression that targeted France. As a result, suicide bombings and mass shootings occurred at cafés, restaurants and a music venue in central Paris that caused 130 lives.

Textual Features The phrase "Made in France" reminds us about the tragedy of the terrorist bombing in France.

Typographical Features At the bottom of the poster, it stated UN film de Nicolas Boukhrief. This means this poster is used to promote and advertise a French crime thriller-drama film directed by Nicolas Boukhrief. The plot of the film is about a freelance journalist decides to investigate the growing phenomenon of disaffected youth joining Islamic extremist groups. He infiltrates a group of four young people who have been tasked with the creation of a jihadist cell and whose mission is to destabilize the city of Paris.

Layout The image of the gun nestled against Eiffel Tower occupies majority on the right side of the poster. At the bottom of the poster is the scenic view of Paris city. The backdrop in white contrasted with the grey image in the foreground. This gives people a sense of gloominess and danger lurking behind.

Color The poster is in black and white. Black and white offers a unique perspective on many subjects. Removing colour brings out the hidden details, textures, and shapes.


Purpose: To view terrorism seriously as terrorists are evolving new ways of attacking defenseless people. Singapore has to anticipate and prepare for these attacks by strengthening security forces, intelligence capabilities and border controls.

Audience: The general public. 

Context: We are reminded that security cannot be taken for granted. In fact, it urgently needs to be heightened. The terrorist attacks can happened in Singapore - just like the attack on Paris which was planned in Brussels, where security was less tight. 

Culture: Terrorism is a threat to innocent citizens. The general public knows about it but more in-depth knowledge and acts to prevent terrorism needs to be instilled in the hearts of Singaporeans.

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