Saturday, 30 April 2016

Situational Writing 1 by Gavin Tay (11)

6 Sim Lim Park
Singapore 234234

5 April 2016

Hi James

I am delighted that you and your family is visiting Singapore. I hope that you and your family will enjoy the itinerary that I have chosen. Enjoy your stay in Singapore!

We shall visit Little India first. Little India is one of the most colourful districts in Singapore. You can enter gaily painted shophouses selling global Indian apparel, gold bangles, spices and other things. We will be visiting the 24-Hour shopping centre, Mustafa centre. You may wish to buy souvenirs here. Don't forget to try one of little India's specialities, which is fish head curry. It is a uniquely Singapore dish, so don't forget to try it out!

For lunch, we can have a broad range of local fare. These include laksa, mee siam, rojak, chilli crab and much more!Indulge yourselves in this delicious food!

Next, we shall go to Chinatown. In Chinatown, we will be able to visit beautifully restored shophouses, colonial buildings and modern buildings. We will also be able to visit religious landmarks of the different faith. We will be able to have a taste of the past by taking a trishaw ride around the vicinity. We can also pop into traditional medical halls, teahouses and quirky caf├ęs.Lastly, you can get our souvenirs from the lively market. Don't forget to bargain!

Last but not least, for dinner, we shall go to Expo. There are several food fairs there and we will indulge ourselves, shall we? It will be a very exciting experience, trying out many different kinds of food, I assure you.

Well, this is the end of my letter. I hope to see you soon. I simply cannot wait to show you around Singapore!

Best wishes
Gavin Tay


  1. I think that your points are good, however, you might want to elaborate more on some points

  2. Your points are good, although i think there can be more elaboration on some points. Plus, didnt ms oh talk about the food name having to be capital letter? Or is it me?

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