Monday, 30 May 2016

Independent Learning Log #3 by Valerie

Independent Learning Log #3

What I did
I went to Asia news and wanted to research on murder cases. I searched under Singapore section to find an article which summarized the famous CNU related cases. Even though no murder was involved, I still found the content of the article very interesting, hence chose this article.

What I learned

Tensions-mental or emotional strain.
barricaded subjects-Any individual who is reasonably believed to be a threat to commit serious bodily injury or death to hostages, 
Simulation-the action of various agents or forms of energy (stimuli) on receptors that generate impulses that travel through nerves to the brain (afferents).
Innate-inborn; natural.

In summary, the article began with a case where a man locked himself inside a room armed with a knife, and threatened to jump out of his nine storeys flat. The Crisis Negotiation Unit was in charge of this case, and the CNU is made up of officers trained to handle cases involving hostages, barricaded subjects, and suicide cases. According to the CNU officers, they have to stay on their toes for every investigation as every negotiation is different. Hence, they have to be alert and on standby around the clock. This amount of hard work requires officers to have served a minimum number of years accumulated on the police to apply to the CNU. They not only must have served a minimum number of years, but they have to undergo various tests, psychological screenings and simulation exercises. An example of one of the cases is an elderly woman that was trapped with her chopper-wielding son in an HDB flat. The CNU finally ended the negotiation by barging into the flat and arrested the man. This is only one of the many examples the CNU carries out.

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