Sunday, 1 May 2016

Email Writing Draft 2 by Ethan (20)

2 Clementi Road

Singapore 328739

23 February 2016

Dear Ben
I am so excited that you and your parents are coming to Singapore! I wished that you could stay longer as planned. Nevertheless, let us enjoy your brief visit to Singapore for the few days that you are here! I will take you and your family to some fantastic places around Singapore!

Firstly, I recommend you to go Chinatown. Most of the Chinatown is made up of beautifully restored shophouses, but there are colonial and modern buildings there too! You can take a trishaw ride around the vicinity, or visit religious landmarks of different faiths! Thus, Chinatown is a must-go!

Secondly, another place, rich in cultural history, is Little India. It is one of the most colourful districts in Singapore! You can visit gaily painted shophouses and try a local dish; fish head curry for lunch! It is appetising, so make sure not to miss this dish out!

Besides traditional places, there is also the commonly-seen side of Singapore. What better way to enjoy it than to ride on the Singapore Flyer and have a panoramic and bird’s-eye view of the entire city! Amazing right? Besides the Singapore Flyer, there is also another place worth seeing, and that is the Esplanade! The Esplanade is a place full of performing arts, and it is one of the most distinctive attractions as the Esplanade is one of a kind, built with the shape of a durian! It sounds interesting, doesn't it?

Singapore is also well known for being a food lover’s paradise. It would be sad to miss out on local dishes. For dinner, we could have a scrumptious meal of Nasi lemak and chilli crab. These gloriously delicious food are unique local food. Hence, it is a must-have! You would not believe how much you would be missing out on Singapore if you do not taste Singapore’s local food!

Well, I hope the recommendations sound fantastic to all of you family, Ben. I can’t wait for your family’s arrival! See you in a week’s time!

See you soon

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