Thursday, 2 June 2016

Independent learning log #5 By Valerie

Independent Learning Log #5

What I did:
For the last independent learning log, I decided to do research on problems that are affecting society, namely sleep deprivation.This is because many of my friends and family members suffer from sleep deprivation due to heavy workloads and I wanted to find out some ways to reduce the chance of sleep deprivation.  I went to do research on it and came upon this BBC website.

What I learned:
Nodding off-

In summary, 45% of the world’s population are affected by sleep problems which threaten their health. Some of these people consult sleep doctors/clinics, where they coach participants the effective ways of sleeping which are specially suited to their lifestyle.For sleep-deprived parents or professional athletes seeking peak performance, the sleep coach is essential for everyone. Sleep coaches charge different rates, depending on location and experience, but costs 70-130 euros an hour in Europe.
One of the points that was mentioned in the article is that sleeping does not need to be done in a controlled environment, such as your bedroom, but can be done anywhere such as in your office. The national Sleep Foundation also says that a 30 minute nap can help make you feel more alert and improve your performance.
Another method of a better sleep is called inducing sleep, by which the person thinks of his/her ideal state of relaxation.

Another method that can help improve your sleep is a willingness to change. A sleep coach is not able to change a person’s sleeping state if the person is not willing to change for the better. For example,there was a woman who could not fall asleep and would wake up in the middle of the night frequently. She thought that since the sleep doctor was certified in neuro-linguistic programming, the sleep doctor could easily help her fall asleep. But that was not the case, as Coaching is about change, which requires self-development and one has be ready to change their thinking.

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