Thursday, 9 June 2016

#4 Independent Learning Log Ria D.N

Date: 9th June 2016


What I did: Climate Change is something that has been a rising issue and I thought I could read up more about climate change and global warming and found an interesting national geographic article.

What I learnt: Climate has changed naturally even within human history and sea level has changed with it but not as fast as we are changing it right now. The physics of ice predicts that sea level will rise twice as much by the end of the century as previously estimated.

Summary: The last sea-level alarm came just a month ago. That analysis showed that in the 20th century, sea level rose faster than at any time in the past 2800 years, and that our fossil-fuel emissions were very likely responsible. Not only the polar animals such as polar bears, seals and penguins are affected by this but we will be too.

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