Friday, 24 June 2016

Independent Learning Log 2 By Tan Jing Yu (22)


What I did: Read up on an article about the Manchineel Tree.

What I learnt: The Manchineel Tree, despite being endangered is one of the most deadliest plants on earth. The fruit of the tree, contains a toxin that causes intense heat in the body as if it was being burnt alive, shortly after the victim's throat closes up. And death follows. The sap of the tree, is white and sticky. When in contact with skin, it instantly burns up and forms painful blisters. Even without coming into contact with the sap and fruit, the sap can be dispersed through rainfall and cause, quite literally: "acid rain". That is why most tourists have horrific injuries by the tree, as they seek shelter from rain under such a poisonous tree.

Summary: The Manchineel Tree is the most poisonous tree in the world 

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