Monday, 13 June 2016

Independent learning log 2 by lee dominic

Hippos can produce natural sunscreen.

What I did:I was looking for random facts on the internet.

What I learnt:I learnt that hippos can produce a pigment which is red-orange in colour. Some people call it sweat but it is actually not. Like humans, hippos can also get sunburns. They require this pigment to protect them from the sun. not only is it able to protect them from sunburns, it can also kill bacteria from their bodies like pathogens. It is because of these pigments, the hippos appear red sometimes. After some time, the orange will blend with the red and turn into the brown colour of the hippo. This special pigment helps to also allow the hippo's wounds to heal quicker.

Summary:The hippos get their colour from the pigment and it can also serve as a sunscreen to prevent them from getting sunburns. These pigments can also help speed up the recovery of the hippo's wounds.

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