Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Independent Learning Log #5 by Kinjal Agarwal (02)

7 June 2016


What I did:
I was listening to the news on 6 June and I was very shocked when I realised the Underwater World in Singapore was closing. So the following day, I went up the internet to read up about the closure and then came across this article.

What I learned:
Words I did not understand:
Premises - a house or building occupied by a business or considered in an official context.
Oceanarium - a large seawater aquarium in which marine animals are kept for study and public entertainment.
Nostalgia - a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past


This article is about the closure of the Underwater World in Singapore, after 25 years. They have managed to  find a new home for it's vulnerable or endangered marine animals. They will be moved to China’s one of the largest marine parks in the world, on Sunday. Mr Philip Chan, the senior supervisor of divers at Underwater World, was also sad about the closure. According to the article,  the attraction has 2,500 marine creatures across 250 species. A month of charitable activities will be conducted in the aquarium to mark its closure.

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