Thursday, 9 June 2016

#3 Independent Learning Log by Ria D.N

Date: 9th June 2016 


What i did: I was browsing through articles and the title, "why youth is overrated" caught my eyes. I was also hoping to find some tough words to improve my vocabulary.

What I learnt

vertebrate- having vertebrae; having a backbone or spinal column
cryptic- having a meaning that is mysterious or obscure/(of coloration or markings) serving to camouflage an animal in its natural environment
taxon- a group of one or more populations of an organism or organisms seen by taxonomists to form a unit.
ambient- relating to the immediate surroundings of something.


Being older has advantages one being, they are better equipped to adapt to future environmental stresses, precisely because their ancient relatives have done so before. Organisms that have persisted for a long time, and have survived across a wide range of environmental conditions, may be more likely to deal with future modifications of their environment.Colour can provide camouflage and therefore influence how successful an animal is when hunting or being hunted. It can also help them to exploit more habitats. If they are small they want to be cryptic otherwise other species might eat them. 

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