Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Independent Learning Log #3 by Kinjal Agarwal (02)

7 June 2016


What I did:
I was bored so I went up to the internet to search how to be fun and then suddenly came across this article, which made me wonder a bit if i really was a fun person.

What I learned:
Words I did not understand:
Bickering - argue about petty and trivial matters.
Touted - tempt to sell (something), typically by a direct or persistent approach.
Discernment - the ability to judge well.
Carping - difficult to please; critical.


This article is about Tee Hun Ching. Her motto for the holidays is that ‘Go with the flow’. She also wants to do something different this holidays. She describes herself as fine and lazy, during the school holidays. She believes that children should be constantly engaged. She said that this time, she would plan in advance to free up more time for herself. She even registered her own daughter for an overnight camp held by her kindergarten, which her daughter had been looking forward to. A sweet friend of hers had brightened up her day by delivering a few small cups of ice cream. Her kids have even managed to be able to amuse themselves without her venturing out or spending a cent.

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