Thursday, 9 June 2016

Independent Learning Log 3 by Keith Tan

Date: 9/6/2016


What I did:
While looking through articles, I found one that seemed interesting so I decided to read up on it

What I learnt:
-The Desertas wolf spider is one of the world's largest spiders with a body length of 4cm
-Wolf spiders are named for their active hunting style
-One of Asia's largest spiders is the giant huntsman spider with a leg span of up to 30cm
-The Hysterocrates hercules spider was less than a third of the size of Goliath bird eater spider
-The Goliath bird eater spider is second to the giant huntsman spider by leg span, but the largest by mass

This article elaborates about some of the world's largest spiders and why their numbers are dwindling.

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