Friday, 3 June 2016

Independent Learning Log 1 Isaac Chng



What I did:

I decided to read up on where Pu-erh tea comes from in China. We may say that Chinese tea comes from China, but where exactly?

What I learnt:

1. Pu-erh tea originates in Yunnan, China, in the Xishuang-Banna autonomous county. The plant is native to the area.

2. In Xishuang-Banna, there are 6 famous tea mountains with a long history that produce Pu-erh. They are the following mountains:
  • Yibang Mountain
  • Gedeng Mountain
  • Mangzhi Mountain
  • Manzhuan Mountain
  • Youle Mountain
  • Yiwu Mountain
There is also a village known as Banzhang Village which is known to produce good tasting pu-erh.

3. Pu-erh tea need not come from plantations. Pu-erh comes from two different types of trees: Plantation trees and Wild trees. Plantation trees are grown in tea plantations and tended to by farmers. Wild trees are trees that grow naturally in Yunnan without any human intervention. The tea produced is one of the most prized types of Pu-erh.


Pu-erh tea comes from Yunnan, China, in the Xishuang-Banna autonomous county. There are 6 famous tea mountain where it is produced. There are two sources of Pu-erh, Plantation bushes/trees or Wild trees.

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