Sunday, 5 June 2016

Independent Learning Log 2 by Saffron Lim



What I did:
I was browsing through BBC and I came across an article on organisms that emit light

What I learnt:
  1. Bioluminescence is caused when the light emitting pigment, luciferin undergoes a chemical reaction, generally triggered by an enzyme.
  2. Some of the brightest bioluminescent creatures are jellyfish. The crystal jelly produces a unique green fluorescent protein, which biologists use as a research tool.
  3. A giant siphonophore is one of the longest animals in the ocean and glows blue when disturbed. A siphonophore is actually a colony of thousands of individuals called zooids. Each specialises in a particular function, from propelling the colony through the water to lighting up.
  4. Ostracods, also known as ‘blue tears’, produce one of the most concentrated and bright lights that appear in the coral reef environment in the Caribbean. Ostracods emit light to defend themselves against predators or during mating.
  5. Glowworms are not worms, they are the larvae of different insects including flies, gnats and beetles.
  6. Fireflies are not flies, they are beetles in the family Lampyridae. The larvae glow to warn off predators and the adults emit lights to coordinate mating.

This article is about some of the most light-emitting organisms on Earth.

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