Sunday, 5 June 2016

Independent Leaning Log #4 By Aastha (01)

Monday, 6 June 2016


What I did:
I was browsing through the Channel NewsAsia website, looking for articles on rescued animals, and this article caught my sight. It was about what happens to illegal live animals seized in Singapore after coming from confiscation and illegal trade. It is not their fault that they had to go through illegal trade. Instead, it was the traders' fault that the animals had to go through such torture.

What I learnt:
1) Words I did not understand:
endangered: Threatened with extinction
- trafficked: to trade in for the purpose of exploitation
- seized: to take possession of by force
- exotic: of foreign origin or character; not native; introduced from abroad, 
- repatriated: To send back to its own country of origin

This article is about what happens to animals who are rescued, confiscated or from illegal trade. Usually, the animals would be sent to a wildlife centre. However, these wildlife centres are running short of space, money, and also time. If only illegal traders would understand and realise their mistake, and let the animals leave in peace. If only they would understand that animals also had the right to inhabit the Earth and live as peacefully as us humans. 

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