Monday, 20 June 2016

Independent Learning Log 5 by Ethan (20)

Date: 20th June 2016


What I did:
Crime is increasing without any question, and it is hard to find any motivation to fight back with the threats of terrorism and drug abuse. However, this article talks about the city that broke all odds during the worst of its time, and after a period of unrest, life is finally starting to return to normal.

This article talks about a city in Mexico called Juárez, a city notorious for drug lords. It faced a time when police were corrupted and at least 10 people were killed each day. Known as the Drug War, it left behind a huge scar in Mexico. Not just the murder, about 1/4 of cars stolen were stolen from Juárez itself. Just when there was no hope for this city, it has miraculously started its was of recovery. It also featured a comparison of when a journalist first visited this city in 1996, during the Drug War and when it started its way to recovery. After the Drug War ended, there was still chaos, it took time for the police to gain control and let life breathe onto the city. Even if there is still no hope, we must still persevere and not give up. Although stories like this are rare to find, the moral behind can be applied to nearly everything.

Words I learnt:
- Cordial
- Suave
- booze
- Heft
- messiah

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