Thursday, 30 June 2016

Independent learning log 4

Snails Have Teeth?
What I did: I researched on snails. 

What I learnt: We often think of snails as useless, slow and insignificant creatures. But if you observe them closely, you can find many more things and features about them. If you think snails are disgusting creatures, here is a fact to make you even more disgusted. Snails, not only do these tiny creatures have teeth, they have lots of teeth. By lots of teeth, I mean 14,000 teeth! 120x100 per row, tough and unbreakable, enough to kill humans. The teeth are mostly stuck to the tongue of the snail, used to eat the plants and fungi of the forest.

Summary: Snails actually have lots of teeth stuck to their tongue. Although unexpected, but it has much more teeth than most creatures!

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