Thursday, 30 June 2016

independent learning log 3 By Lee Dominic

Internet addiction disorder? Facebook addiction disorder?

What I did?: I was looking on the internet for different types of disorders(just for knowledge). This one looked very interesting.

What I learnt: The Internet is a very useful tool for us, whether it for studying or for looking for news. Although it is very useful, it can drive you crazy too. This 'amazing' disorder is created along with the internet. This is not a joke, it actually exists and is proven by researchers and found to be a very big problem with young teenagers. There is not only one type of internet disorder, there are Facebook addiction, online shopping addiction, gaming addiction and excessive use of blogging and emails to name a few. As technology gets more advanced, the amount of people who get 'infected' with this problem rapidly increases. We should always be careful while using the internet and not get addicted. I also think that people of younger age 1-6 should not get to use devices such as smartphones. Even though you are using it to educate them, you are actually harming them. When they are younger, they get influenced by all these problems more easily and more easily get addicted to it. Imagine a scenario where a 4 year old child has been using an iPad(I am a fan of apple) since 2 years old. His/her parents think they are helping their child get smarter through technology, but no! It is causing them to get addicted. Then again, imagine the same child screaming and crying because his/her parents refuse to let him/her use the iPad. This is a sign of a severe case of...   addiction! DUN🌩🌩 DUN🌩🌩! It's no wonder why people now a days are less efficient than people of the past. Technology does not 100% help us, in fact, it is slowly destroying us and creating more and more problems. THE Internet sure is dangerous!

Summary: The internet is a very useful platform for us to study and get smarter, but a misuse of it can cause major problems, We need to be very careful!

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