Friday, 24 June 2016

Independent Leaning Log 1 By Tan Jing Yu (22)

What I did: Watch a movie called "Unbroken"

What I learnt: I leant about a man named Louis Zamperini, an olympic runner and also a soldier during WW2. Louis enlisted into the military, and was immediately sent on a mission to drop bombs on part of Japan. Unfortunately the plane was shot down by Japanese artillery, and Louis along with 3 other fellow soldiers. Despite surviving the plane crash, were captured as POWs by the Japanese. For the next few agonizing years of his life, Louis and other POWs were tortured in harsh conditions by the Japanese soldiers, especially a particular prison commander, Mutsushiro Watanabe,
 whom was beaten by Louis in the olympics. Held a grudge against Louis and treated him harshly. Ordering the other POWs to all punch him in the face as hard as they can, then beat him with a cane sword until his nosebleed. This continued eventually until the Japanese finally surrendered, and Louis returned back to his family being one of the many few POWs that survived. 

Summary: How the POWs were treated by the Japanese during WW2

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