Thursday, 30 June 2016

Independent learning log 5

Apple voids warranty for those who smoke while using apple computers and are caught.

This is a really weird fact...

what I did: People said that there are many weird things in the terms and conditions of the apple products. Some are rather ridiculous and not applicable for apple products at all! Here is one of the ridiculous ones:
Open at own risk
This is extremely weird!

What I learnt: I am not going to keep talking about the biological weapons, but more of voiding the warranty. Why is this even a rule! According to the apple legal, If you are caught smoking while using an apple computer, your warranty is no longer applicable and usable... I do not understand the logic to this. It probably is because apple wants people to stop smoking and they are doing their part to help people quit smoking. Even so, they should not be so cruel to take people's warranty away. This can cause people to stop buying apple products and choose Microsoft. People might also think that apple is being unreasonable. These facts are all taken from the terms and conditions of apple products, and it is not nice to make people read the many pages or rules and regulations.They should at least get their staff to inform people of these rules. (Plus+)The voiding of warranty is probably apple's way of taking advantage of people's weakness, smoking! So they could save money....

Summary: basically, do not smoke near apple products as all the warranties would be void...

Extras(if you have nothing better to do)
purely at your own risk, you have been warned

credits to apple. #apple_fan

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