Monday, 6 June 2016

Independent Learning Log #2 by Lucas

Date done: 6 June 2016

What I did:
When I was looking through BBC News, and came across an interesting article about robots.

What I learnt
I learnt that robots can interact with humans better now as technology advances

I also learnt that robots might take over the jobs of humans in some dangerous work that put humans lives to risk.

There are two types of robots currently, there are industrial robots to work in factories and do jobs such as welding in a car factory. and non-industrial robots, which are poised to do lots of jobs in service industries, from providing information in supermarkets to leading elderly people through exercise routines.

Industrial robots are useful todo jobs labelled as high-risk often still contain a substantial share of tasks that are hard to automate. Therefore, replacing manpower with robots is a better alternative.

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