Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Independent Learning Log 1 by Chris

Independent Learning Log 1

Date: 14th June 2016 (11.40 a.m-12.10p.m.)

Source: http://www.nationalgeographic.com/photography/proof/2016/06/brian-skerry-sharks

What I did:
Wanted to learn more about great white sharks through a photographer's/person who got up close to a shark's perspective. So I heard this article written by the photographer himself on National Geographic.

The photographer and his team had a hard time trying to capture photos of the sharks. I've learnt from the article that these sharks are greatly endangered as they have been hunted and due to our actions that have caused them to move from their natural habitats. Their role in the ecosystem is important and people are now trying their best to protect these sharks. When the photographer got up close to a great white shark, he felt that the shark was rather "polite" it didn't seem like it meant any harm to him. This is very different from what we hear and see in the news and on television. The photographer learnt that these sharks need the care and love of human beings, what we know and heard about them is not enitrely true. We need to take action and help them.

New words I've learnt:
- Galvanzng
- Elusive
- Apex
- Daunting
- Donning
- Welded
- Analogous
- Congregate

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