Tuesday, 30 August 2016

(6) Valerie Tan Poem Recitation

This is the link for my poem


  1. You could pronounce the 't', 'th' and 'd' sounds clearer, you sound kind of rushed, and you should pause for longer where appropriate. Other than that, everything else is good, well done :D

  2. Pronunciation- You pronounced all your consonants well and accurately.
    Pace- It was a good pace as you slowed down and quickened at the right junctions.
    Pitch& tone- You had a good pitch and tone appropriately.
    Pauses- Pauses were added when needed, however, you forgot to add a pause of the comma in "Oh, where did you get it?"
    Power- Good energy and power used.

  3. Pronunciation and Articulation: Very good.
    Rhythm, pace and fluency: A little rushed, however, most was appropriate.
    Pitch and Tone: Appropriate use of pitch and tone
    Pause: Appropriate pauses, however a bit rushed.
    Power: Good use of power :)

  4. Good pronunciation but quite rushed and very good energy